Learn to perform comedy

Volunteers are students, engineers, architects, social workers, and professional performers. All share a love for making others laugh.


Some of the greatest benefits of improve comedy, from improved mood, to sharpened thinking, to enhanced creativity are experienced by its performers. As such, Laughing Matters can help your organization through an organized comedy workshop.

The very training exercises and drills Laughing Matters performance volunteers practice in rehearsal are taught to your residents and visitors for a highly interactive, dynamic, performance comedy experience for all involved.

Workshops consist of a 1-hour lesson, during which time the ensemble guides participants through a set of improvisation warm-ups, drills, and games. Workshops not only deliver a source of entertainment and relaxation for participants, but also develop skills in listening, focus, confidence, and spontaneous expression.

Prior to scheduling a workshop, we request as much information as you can provide about your organization's residents and/or visitors, as well as any specific considerations, which should inform the Laughing Matters ensemble.