Privacy Policy

Not only does Laughing Matters care about bring laughter to those in need, we care about online privacy. This privacy policy serves to inform you of what information we may collect about you, and how we may use that information. Please note that this privacy policy may change from time to time.

Please read the following description of our privacy practices and, if you have any questions, submit a question via email and receive assistance from a representatives of the Laughing Matters team. You can also send a letter to:

Web Master
Laughing Matters
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Warren, OH 44484

I. What Information May Be Collected

Laughing Matters collects two kinds of information: personal information that you choose to supply us, and non-personal information, such as your IP address.

A. Personally Identifiable Information

Newsletters, Donations and Other Laughing Matters Information
If you subscribe to a Laughing Matters e-newsletter, request additional information about Laughing Matters, submit a donation online, or participate in any other services on the Laughing Matters web site that require personal information, we may request your name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address in order to respond to your inquiries. Laughing Matters may collect and store the information you choose to provide to send you information about Laughing Matters and Laughing Matters partners and third parties from time to time. If you make a donation to Laughing Matters and elect to pay online, Laughing Matters will collect from you the financial information necessary to process this donation. Laughing Matters will not disclose financial information except as necessary to fulfill users’ donation requests. Laughing Matters collects such financial information in a secure manner and discards such financial information after processing.


A cookie is a piece of data placed on your hard drive when you visit our site. We may use cookies to help us recognize you when you come back to our site. We may also use cookies to help us monitor traffic on our site. This information may be aggregated in an anonymous manner. You can select to have our web site remember your email address and password on your specific computer when you login. This information will be stored in a cookie on your hard drive that will only be used when you return to the site to login again.

B. Non-personally identifiable information

Session Cookies
A cookie is a piece of data placed on your hard drive when you visit our site. We use session cookies to help you navigate through the actions on our site when you log in, but they contain no personally identifiable information about you. We may also use cookies to help us monitor traffic on our site. This information may be aggregated in an anonymous manner. This will help us better tailor our site for your use.

IP Addresses and Environmental Variables

Laughing Matters may also collect information through IP addresses or environmental variables. An “IP address” is a number used by computers on the network to identify your computer so that data can be transmitted to you. “Environmental variables” include, among other things, the domain from which you access the Internet, the time you accessed our web site, type of web browser and operating system or platform used, the Internet address of the web site you left to visit Laughing Matters, the names of the pages you visit while at our web site, and the Internet address of the web site you then visit. We collect all of this information to allow us to detect broad demographic trends, to provide information tailored to your interests and to enhance your experience on Laughing Matters’ web site. This information may be aggregated in an anonymous manner.

Web Analytics

This site may use a web analytics service that may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as text you type in this website. This site does not use the service to collect any personally identifiable information entered in this website, and it does not track your browsing habits across web sites which do not use the same services. We may use the information collected to improve the Laughing Matters web site and enhance the visitor experience.

II. How Information May Be Used

We may share personally and non-personally identifiable information with third parties that help manage our web site and databases and with our partners, affiliates, or other third parties.

III. User Control Over Collection And Use Of Information

Laughing Matters provides you with the following choices regarding the use of your information:

You may set your browser to: (1) inform you when cookies are being set before a cookie is stored; (2) not accept cookies at all; and (3) erase all cookies from your hard drive. Note that if you choose to reject or erase cookies, your ability to navigate our site may be limited.

You may choose not to provide Laughing Matters with any contact information. However, if you do so, we will be unable to respond to your request for Laughing Matters information, or your ability to navigate our site may be limited.

If you would like to opt-out of receiving some or all further information from Laughing Matters, either (1) take the opportunity to opt out wherever personally identifiable information is collected, or (2) take the opportunity to opt out in links on the bottom of emails we send to you.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the practices of our web site, please contact: